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Think Jazzy Fine arts & Drinks 

Thomas G

Think Jazzy opened its doors for the first time on May 27th 2016 in a small, eclectic commercial space in the Kloosterstraat.

From a young age Thomas has been working closely with interiors, art and antiquities. Given Thomas’ upbringing, this is no surprise. His mother was an avid collector and occasionally bought and sold pieces of art and furniture. His family’s background in hospitality and entrepreneurship has continually fostered his love for the sector and is what drove him to be inspired to create the ‘Think Jazzy’ concept. 

In his earlier years, Thomas worked in the fashion industry which brought him from Limburg to Antwerp. He also worked alongside Elisabeth Z. Vanduffel during the “Festival de Cannes” gaining important sponsorship for the art fair of Monaco.

After working in the fashion industry, Thomas transitioned into interior design where he met the people behind Loft Styles (interior design and art dealing). He decided to transform his own living room into his first Home Gallery under the name Shot Café. In this original space there happened to be a piano, a bar and some art on the walls at that time already. His first expo was Jonas Leriche, who was also emerging in his field at the time. Leriche became a very well-known photographer with the New York Eden Fine Arts gallery as his home base.  

Thomas then had the chance to come across a very special someone , “MD”, who believed in him and his Think Jazzy concept, giving him the means to open Think Jazzy Kloosterstraat, and later, Think Jazzy as we know it today, in the prestigious location of the Minderbroedersrui.

Thomas subsequently went back to school to study art history. He travelled and researched art fairs extensively to broaden and refine his taste and knowledge in collections. This is now a regular practice for Thomas and is how he finds suitable collections to bring to exhibition at the Think Jazzy Gallery.

But having said all this, it is but a fraction of my whole story. To truly experience the uniqueness of the ‘Think Jazzy’ concept, one really needs to pay a visit to my gallery, pull up a stool at the bar with a glass of wine and I will tell you all about it myself!