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Think Jazzy gallery is an art gallery consisting of 3 floors.

On the first 2 levels, we present 5 exhibitions a year, each for an average of 10 weeks.

On the third level, you can find a small collection of some of our previous expo’s.

Withoos meets Withoos II

The ones amongst you who have been following Think Jazzy for a while are no strangers to the name of Hans Withoos! It is with pride that I can say that his breathtaking works made for one of our most succesful exhibit to date. And in the meantime, the market value of his works  has increased by 10 to 15%!


For the ones who do not know him yet, here is a short introduction or the artist and his new expo: « Withoos meets Withoos II !


It was in 2018 that I brought Hans Withwoos to Think Jazzy for the first time. In “Withoos meets withoos”, two worlds came together: painting and photography. Hans’s ancestors were painters. He uses these paintings as backgrounds for his photographs. The old and the new merge to create magical and unforgettable pieces.


In 2021, he is back with a new exhibition and some other surprises !

Jeroen Allart (1970 Rotterdam)

Painter of portraits, landscapes and interiors.

The rich and varied repertoire of Jeroen Allart ranges from landscapes and animals to interiors and portraits.

Allart is a graduate of the Willem de Kooning Academie in Rotterdam and de Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. 

His unique lens and artistic voice emanates through his work with a fresh perspective. 

His works compress the chosen subject until he reaches the core. 

Through visible simplifications, the spectator is invited to look at the subject in its most basic and raw form. With an eye for detail and a unique painting language, he is innately intuitive in reaching his goal, inspiring his audience to view their surroundings with a renewed outlook.

Upon leaving the Netherlands, he travelled to Grasse, close to the South of France where he hoped to find new colours and inspiration. 

His current works are bold, ambitious and open minded. Pim’s work juxtaposes loud, vibrant colours with a soft harmony and sense of peacefulness. He allows the melodies of the art to play through his brush strokes. 

“I am not interested in thinking about what the finished painting will look like. I long for spontaneity and to be 100% myself.”

Pim’s work may remind you of Gilepsi, Coltrane or Peterson’s works sound. 

Often intense, at times you only hear one note like with Miles Davis, but that one note can say it all. 

One color that plays with you, like a new kind of improvisation. Colors that allow you live, breathe and grow.

Pin has been based in the south of France for 30 years. This is the place where he was afforded an opportunity to open and develop his creative practice. “It even smells better in France !” 

His paintings are resourceful and infectious. “ You can hide in all sorts of images but you need courage to play a ballad at the same time. I work on my paintings until I am totally satisfied. The canvas needs charisma!”

Pim de Jongh

Exhibition «  Emotions of Jazz »

Each painting breathes energy and joy, « this is me » say Pim. His self created stylistic practice is reflective of who he is an artist and individual. The work is rich in inspiration, vibrancy and joy. 

Pim’s painting tempo is informed by jazz rhythms. It can sometimes take several attempts before he finds the base for each. work. 

Powerful, surprising.

«  I am consciously looking for drive, groove and funk while choosing my colours » says Pim. Creation is Freedom and painting it is the challenge.

Christophe Malfliet

Malfiet studied at the prestigious fashion academy of Antwerp Under the mentorship of Walter Van Bierendonck. In 1988-1989, he transitioned his speciality to painting. He subsequently gained a 2nd masters degree in painting in 2004 under the guidance of Fred Bervorts. 

His work allows abstract and figurative to share the spotlight. This collection does not confine itself to a particular style, name or genre. The freedom that permeates the work gives Malfiet his own unique artistic voice. He brings life to his own semiotics and layers stories to the canvas. This multifaceted artist never stops questioning his impulses and is constantly looking to reinvent himself and his work. Malfie is a master at painting on the edge. Sometimes careful, considered and subtle, other times wild, bold and daring. 

Thanks to his unique style, choice of color combinations and edgeless shapes, his work is easily recognizable. The most innocent scene can be inspired by the most rebellious undertones. They showcase a self taught liberty where he leaves room for imperfection and coincidence. Malfiet engages with specific themes that will then influence a series of works that transpire from what seem to be accidental inspirations. 

Even when he consciously choses to make abstract works, the work still maintains his unmistakable signature. What, at first glance, can seem like something coming from a spontaneous, pointless or uncontrolled act actually ends up looking like the result of a carefully thought through process. The painter and the paint itself seem to enjoy a certain freedom on the canvas, without standing in each other’s way, in perfect harmony. 

Liberty. At times you must fight for it. Other times it finds its way to you. 

Duo exhibition  "Captured"

by Carina Wagenaar & Wilfert Verweij

Carina Wagenaar


Her larger than life, intriguing and decorative medallions offer a unique cross over between art, fashion and design. Inspiration for these pieces ranges from cameos and other small medallions, to relics, symbols, spirituality, major world events and the inner workings of the human psyche. 

Her internationally praised work has been exposed in Milan, New York, Paris, London, Florence, Dubai and throughout several locations in the Netherlands. 

Wilfert Verweij


was in born in Holland in 1971. Aged 20, he began his first business in garden landscaping. After 14 years in the industry, he decided to move to Sarasota, Florida to further develop and inform his artistry. He started working with materials such as cement, plaster and epoxy. After several experiments with these materials he discovered a way to create 3D artworks and named this technique “Epoxyonisme”. Using this new method, he created ornement tables, sculptures and wall art. His innovative take on epoxy art, combined with his works recently being shown in national and international expos has made him an emerging figure in the industry that is carving out a clear path as a prominent figure to watch. 


Micky Hoogendijk

"Living in the Layers"

This summer Think Jazzy Gallery, Antwerp, is presenting more than 20 works by the acclaimed visual artist Micky Hoogendijk, curated in collaboration with the artist.   

The world has been put on hold by the global pandemic, and in arriving at this selection we have been guided by the hidden beauty and vulnerability that have emerged and become visible in this unprecedented stillness.  

Many of Hoogendijk’s early works were informed by radical empathy - she has striven to see the world and its inhabitants, as the title of her catalogue attests, "Through the eyes of others".    

Recent works have found the artist training that lens on herself.  Her self-portraits of 2019 were created in collaboration with a drone pilot who was directed by the artist, so that she was quite literally seen through the eyes of another.  This self-reflexive tendency can also be found in her spatial work in bronze, a fresh approach for the artist in 2020.

Living in the layers. Hoogendijk likes to isolate herself in the intimacy of her Brabant workshop to reinvent herself, also on an artistic level. That said, she has the ability to feel home in many places in the world.

Micky Hoogendijk's autonomous work has been shown in recent years at exhibitions in London, Vancouver, Austin, Bogota, Houston, Istanbul, Cologne, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Tokyo and Washington and now also in Antwerp at the Think Jazzy Art Gallery.

Max Gasparini 

The Richness of Forgotten Materials

Extended due to Covid-19 measures to 28/06/20

Max Gasparini was born in 1970 in Rovato (Bresca, Italy).


After a short artistic education, he pursued his studies as an autodidact and specialized his skills towards “intimate” paintings using oil paint. Through his portrayal, utensils and objects of daily life gain a very personal story. Later, he began to create landscapes: ruins, gates, nature scenes…

This marks the appearance of some of the elements that will later become pillars of his work: rust and unusual supports. He sees richness in the most common things. He has an eye for colors corroded by time. He sees surfaces eroding from wind and water.

In 2008, the time he starts exposing his work, he has that sort of revelation that makes him start using “dirty” materials. He ditches the easel and uses more and more jute sacks, old sheets covered in rust, boxes, …

These new materials allow him to expand his horizons.

The value of strained materials now becomes one with oil paintings on a metal sheet. Or using a spatula, he layers plaster and acrylic paint on jute, old linen or cotton sheets.

This marks the appearance of his iconic portraits repeated over and over again, using nearly exclusively black and white, almost as if those were sculptures, drawings or wood carvings… But never the reality!

Thomas De Marsay

Look Back With Love 

12/12/19 to 16/02/20 

“This exhibition is a look on some of the things I love most: clissc movies, fashion or life between 1930 and 1980. Your can recognize some famous faces such as Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Talylor, James dean, madels wearing designs by Dior or Balenciaga, gala events with the utter most elegant touch of those years. All the works are influenced by old master I like such as Rubens, Velázquez, Fortuny or Boldini.”


Thomas de Marsay (born in Jaén, Spain) currently lives and work in Sitges, not far from Barcelona. He followed his artistic education in Madrid, Barcelona and Paris, where he learnt drawing and painting. He also learnt a lot by copying works from old masters exposed in the Prado and the Louvre. Out of love and respect for those cherished masters and their technique, he took the habit of preparing his canvas and even some of his paints on his own.

His works is displayed in galleries’ and art fairs in Barcelona, Madrid, Milan, London, New York, Los Angeles and now, The Think Jazzy Gallery!

Sakia Boelsums

Romantic Landscapes 

03/10/19 to 08/12/19

Saskia Boelsums, visual artist, photographs landscapes with threatening skies. Her beautiful work can make you think of old masters such as Maris and Van Ruisdael. The nature and the seasons are her biggest inspiration and she sees nature as an inexhaustible source of beauty. In quite a short time,  she made a big name for herself in the world of photography. She exposes in Hong Kong, New York, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin …

She waits for everyone to judge the weather “too bad to shoot” and there she goes! Code yellow is her green light! She wants you to be able to feel what she experienced as the shoot went on: cold, mist, the threat of dark stormy clouds. Going through these landscapes in any given season makes her feel connected to the universe and she thrives to pass on the intensity of those feelings to her audience.

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